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April 2021



This has been a amazing series! If you haven’t had the pleasure of joining this series at the very beginning, I encourage you to do so. If you are a fan of science fiction at its finest, you will definitely want to read this series in its entirety. It is

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Just last month I was reviewing the first book in this series, “The Acheron”, and I started out the review by indicating that the lead or main character is a female by the name of Sandrine Hollande. Well, she’s back, but this time she doesn’t actual steal the show. In

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I guess I read and reviewed this book the first time in Jan of 2013. I usually don’t re-read and re-review books, but this author has put out so many good military books lately and the previous review of this book was pretty bad. I think I’ve somewhat upgrade my

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“Children of Angels”

Reverent (Rev) Pelletier is now a Pegasus Union Marine. He’s not a normal Marine as we would know one (is there such a thing as a “normal” Marine). Corporal Pelletier has been enhanced to a make him able to do a lot of things mere civilians couldn’t dream of doing.

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Acheron Inheritance

“Acheron Inheritance”

I wasn’t sure about this book. It starts out the main character waking up and he’s a gardener robot! Yeah, that not to promising for a military science fiction book. Still, I read on and I’m very glad I did. This books turns out to be very exciting, especially at

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“Warlord Born”

Well, most stories don’t start off with their main character getting killed! Especially one that is an elite warrior wearing a MechSuit of armor. But, that’s exactly the opening scene for this book. Now, how he gets killed is up to you to read and find out. Let’s just say

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“Hit & Fade”

I have stated on several occasions that I do not like science fiction fantasy. That’s a fact for me as a reader. I seldom pick up a book or bother reading any book that talks about Kings and Knights, swords and shields, ghost, goblins, orcs, or orgers, wizards, witches and

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