4 Small Stars

I realized this has been stated by numerous reviewers already, but can’t the author just write stuff in plain English? I really liked what I was reading only to find some idiotic word stuck in the middle of a great paragraph! I highlighted over 19 such words and I’m sure there were more because I just started skipping words I didn’t understand. Even writing science-fiction that might deal with strange settings, aliens, spacecraft and such, I know it can be written with words that continue the story, not stop it dead!

I would volunteer to edit the next book if I could replace all the unnecessary words. I didn’t say delete, just replace. Write all the words you want because you write a good story but any story that requires me to use my dictionary more than twice is just not going to work.

You want paid for your work, then write like those of us that work for a living talk; simple as that!

And the story-line with the dogs, wow, that was just brilliant. Keep that up.